You Are Our Priority

At Burns Law Firm, we have witnessed firsthand the impact that injuries have on the lives of our fellow Minnesotans and those throughout the Midwest. They need a place to turn when they suffer harm due to an animal or a product manufacturer that acts negligently.

Turning to insurance companies to provide you the protection you need only finds you at a further disadvantage. You need a personal injury attorney who can even the odds and secure the compensation you deserve for the losses you have suffered.

Individualized And Effective Legal Advocacy

Helping our clients through difficult challenges is a priority that motivates us to provide aggressive legal advocacy. Patrick R. Burns, the founder of our law firm, provides personalized representation during a time when you need it most. While you focus on recovering from the trauma of dog bites or colloidal silver side effects, we get to work on building a fact-based case.

Retaining personal injury lawyer Patrick R. Burns can be the first step in getting you back to a normal life. It all starts by contacting Burns Law Firm.